LCD Thermometer Digital Infrared Temperature Gun Meter Pyrometer IR Laser Point

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Resolution: :

0.1°C or 0.1°F

Power Supply: :

Batteries ( Included )



Distance to Spot Ratio :


Emissivity :

0.95 Preset ,Adjustable

Accuracy :

±2% or ±2℃

Temperature Range :

-50°C~480°C(-58 °F ~ 896°F)

Display :


Non-Contact Thermometer Type :

Laser Infrared Thermometer

Features :


Type :

Digital Infrared Thermometer

What the Seller Says

Non-Contact Infrared IR Thermometer Temperature Laser Gun Wireless Temp Tester, Battery Required But Not Included . Thermometer Digital LCD Infrared Temperature Gun Meter Pyrometer IR Laser Point Thank you for choosing US. Before you use this product please read this manual carefully as it will familiarize you with the correct operating procedure for your IASI Infra-red thermometer. IASI strictly abide by the internal standards of enterprises and the national metrological verification regulations of the People's Republic of China. Infra-Red Radiation Thermometer for Work (JJG415-2001) production and inspection. △ Warning: Laser radiation is harmful to human eyes. Do not directly shine the laser beam directly into the eyes. Be careful not to indirectly shine beam into eyes via reflective surfaces. △ Note: Before using this instrument, please read the instructions in detail. This series of hand-held infra-red thermometer is a high-performance and high-quality instrument which is designed for professional and scientific use. Features include adjustable emissivity measurement, maximum value hold and a customisable alarm for high or low values. The key benefits of your new TASI Infra-red thermometer include high measurement accuracy, fast measurement response, simple operation and professional reliability in a small, portable form factor. This product has been designed for use in the petrochemical industry, railway industry and electric power industry as well as textile, plastics and metal processing facilities, among many others. All objects above absolute zero radiate heat energy continuously. The TASI Infra-red thermometer uses invisible Infra-red light to measure this heat energy- this is infra-red thermometry. The thermometer features an infra-red optical system which gathers radiated energy in the field of view- this is imaged on the infra-red detector which converts this energy into an electrical signal which is processed by the computer and displayed on screen as the temperature of the object. 1. Symbol of temperature measurement state 2. Laser lamp indicators 3. Low voltage prompt symbol 4. Celsius unit symbol 5. Fahrenheit unit symbol 6. Temperature display area 7. Maximum value display area 8. Emissivity symbol 9. High temperature alarm symbol 10. Low temperature alarm symbol 11. Data hold symbols 12. Maximum value symbol 13. Laser turn-on and turn-off button 14. Function switching button 15. Turn on and off the prompt tone button Product features Temperature measuring range -50*C~480°C -58°F~896°F Measurement accuracy 0°C~480cC± (1.5%+rc) 32°F~896°F ±(1.5%+5°F) -50QC~0oC(±3°C) *8°F~32°F(±5°F) Repeatability accuracy ±0.5%或 ±1°C(2°F) Display resolution 0.1°C(0.1°F) Response time and wavelength Less than 500ms 8~14um Emissivity 0.1~1.00 adjustable(step size 0.01) Measuring object distance ratio 12:1 Laser aiming Less than 1 mW 650nm Laser grade II grade °C/°F conversion Yes Screen display mode color screen Backlight display Yes Overrange prompt "HI" or aLO" Power supply 9Vx2 Batteries( included) Working environment temperature 0°C~50°C Working environment humidity 10~95%RH Non condensing Storage temperature -20*C~60°C Not including batteries Product size 204x130x50mm Product net weight About 200g Powered by Batteries ( included ), you can replace the batteries easily. Instructions for use 1. Basic operations Hold down the temperature measuring trigger and turn the instrument on. Aim the thermometer at the target using the red laser circle projected by the thermometer. The laser point should be aimed at the center of the target under test. The LCD screen will then display the real-time temperature of the target object. At the same time, it also shows the following symbol:穿.When you release the temperature measurement trigger, the measurement stops, and the screen will display *H'. The displayed temperature value and,H' symbol will be held for 15 seconds. The thermometer will go to sleep after 1 minute of inactivity to preserve battery life. The instrument can be woken up by pressing the temperature measuring trigger or MODE key. 2. Setting alarm value for high and low temperature Press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds- the thermometer will enter the settings interface. The screen displays Hi: high temperature alarm value setting (default value = 360*0). By then pressing the UP (A) or DOWN (v) button this high alarm value can then be set. Once you have set your alarm value, press the MODE button once again and the screen will display Low: low temperature alarm value setting (delault value = - 20eC). Once again, pressing the UP (A) or DOWN (v) button sets the low alarm value. Press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds to save your settings- measurement can now be resumed as normal. Pressing the temperature measuring trigger will also exit the setting interface. The setting data will be stored in the device RAM. After replacing the battery these settings will be reset to the initial value of high temperature alarm value 360*0 and low temperature alarm value -20°C. 1. Emissivity setting Turn the instrument on by pressing the temperature measuring trigger. The LCD screen will display the emissivity symbol 'e- and the emissivity value (the starting preset is 0.95 and is adjustable between 0.1 and 1.00). Press and hold the MODE button for 2 seconds- the thermometer will enter the settings interface. Pressing the MODE key twice while in settings mode will cause the emissivity symbol %=0.95' to blink. At this time, the emissivity can be adjusted by pressing the UP (A) or DOWN (▼) button. Holding the up or down button for more than 2 seconds will cycle through emissivity settings rapidly. Press and hold the MODE key again for 2 seconds to exit the setting interface and save your emissivity setting. Pressing the temperature measuring trigger will also exit the settings interface. 2. Celsius/Fahrenheit switching °C/°F conversion, laser turn on and off, prompt tone turn off Press the temperature measuring trigger to turn the thermometer on and press the MODE key to cycle between °C/°F conversion. Press the temperature measuring trigger to tum the instrument on. Presskey to tum on or tum off the laser lamp. A symbol indicates that the laser lamp is turned on. Press the temperature measuring trigger to tum the instrument on, press key to tum off and tum on prompt tone. Payment We accept PayPal only. After you have won the auction, an email will be sent to your eBay registered email address by eBay. If you are paying through PayPal using eCheck, your item can be shipped only after eCheck has cleared ( it may take 5-10 working days to be cleared).All payments are expected within 7 days after the last winning auction is closed. A non-payment dispute will be opened if full payment is not received. Shipping Please make sure your shipping address is correct when you make order(s). We don't accept address change after order. We will not be responsible for any lost if the shipping address is wrong or incompleted.We ship from U.S Warehouse for U.S buyer (2-7 working days to arrive)Economy shipping service has no tracking number, if you need tracking please select USPS First ClassFor international buyer, we will ship from outside of U.S (15-28 working days to arrive) Our shipping rates include the cost of shipping, handling, packaging and related manpower costs. Items are generally shipped out with 1 business day after your payment has been cleared (Sat. & Sun. & Public holiday excluded.). Local pick up is not available. For international shipping: It may take 15-28 working days. We are not responsible for any import duty or tax may be caused for international shipping. About us We are professional worldwide wholesale company.We supply many products including Consumer Electronics, Cellphone Accessories,iPhone & iPad Accessories and so on! Contact us Your positive feedback with comments are extremely valuable to us. If you have any concerns about your order, please contact us through eBay Message to resolve any issues before leaving a negative feedback or opening a dispute. We will reply within 1 business days (public holidays not included).Please always contact or check our response in "eBay messages" in your your eBay account. Gurantee & Returns We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case you won't be 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply send us an eBay Message within 3 days of receiving the item and tell us the issue. Please contact us (via eBay message) before return, a return form and the return address will be given after your return request has been issued. Any return without authorization will not be accepted You may return the item for refund or exchange within 30 days upon receiving shipment. All return items must be in original package and not be used. Our customer service personnel will inspect the returned item before refund or exchange. You will be responsible for the return postage. We dont accept any return of physical damaged item by yourself. After 14 days, we can only make replacement or repair and customers need to be responsible for the return postage.

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